Energy saving tips over summer

Energy saving tips over summer

Stay cool without burning up your electricity bill

Temperatures have already soared to a record-breaking 48 degrees in some parts of Australia this year, and with another month and a half of summer left, we’re bound to see more hot days ahead. Stay cool without blowing out your electricity bill with these energy saving tips.

  • Prevent heat from getting into your house by keeping windows, doors, curtains and blinds closed during the day. When the temperature drops in the early evening, you can open them back up to naturally cool your house.
  • Did you know that using electrical appliances and lighting can make your home hotter? Try to limit your use of ovens, computers, televisions and washing machines to the morning or evening and don’t leave them switched on and running idle during the day. This will have the added bonus of saving some electricity and reducing your power bill.
  • Try to opt for LED light globes over older style globes such as halogen and incandescent light bulbs – LEDs emit less heat, use less energy and last 5-10 times longer, which will result in long-term cost savings.
  • Use fans rather than air conditioning where possible, as they use significantly less energy. When you do feel the need to use the air conditioner, resist the temptation to set it to the lowest temperature possible – opting for a temperature setting that is even one degree Celsius higher could use 5-10% less energy.
  • Plan to do chores and physical activity in the morning or afternoon, and take it easy in the middle of hot days! You could also consider going out to the movies or local shops to take advantage of their air conditioning.

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