Upgrades to our Contact Centre

Upgrades to our Contact Centre

This Wednesday, 29 July, EchoRealty will be upgrading our contact centre Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system, designed with a focus on accessibility, ease of use and creating a stronger connection between EchoRealty residents and our business.

In order to complete these upgrades, our contact centre will be unavailable between 4pm – 5pm on Wednesday 29 July, with after-hours support available from 5pm.

Regular trading hours and support will resume from Thursday 30 July, with our new processes enabled.

We appreciate your patience in this time and we look forward to improving your user experience with our business.


What does this mean for you?

When you dial into the EchoRealty contact centre, our menu options have been streamlined.

This new IVR will enhance self-service options, creating smarter, more efficient routing options so our staff are able to clearly understand the reason for your call and assist you accordingly.

This improved menu will allow our business to better identify enquiry options selected by residents and stakeholders, while effectively providing tailored information and suggested services to meet customer needs.


What does this mean for us?

This upgrade will provide statistical data and assist us in identifying trends in enquiries.

This will allow us to implement ongoing service improvements, pinpointing what works well and areas for improvement. Because of this, our service delivery and customer service will only improve, leading to an increase in overall client satisfaction.

Additionally, it will provide enhanced call quality evaluation and coaching with staff, building a high performance culture within our Contact Centre.


EchoRealty is committed to providing information and assistance to residents in accessible and clear formats and this upgrade will only enhance resident user-experience with our contact centre.

For further information or enquires about this upgrade please call 1800 693 246.

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