Our Team

Meet the Board

Our skills-based board brings a wealth of industry and related professional expertise to Evolve Housing and EchoRealty. Their leadership and experience helps us to create sound and ethical legal, governance and financial management policies for sustainable, impactful organisations. 

Paul Howlett
Board Chair
Dr Robert Lang
Lyall Gorman
Group Chief Executive Officer

Meet the Executive Team

Our Group Executive Team (GET) are highly qualified professionals responsible for strategic development and leadership, operational plan execution, and the high-level management of people and performance. Our GET Team manages these functions across Evolve Housing and EchoRealty.
Lyall Gorman
Group Chief Executive Officer
Jitender Balani
General Manager, Strategic Asset Management and Business Growth
Jo Henderson-Brooks
General Manager, People and Culture
Brett Manwaring
Group Chief Financial Officer and General Manager, Corporate Services
Melissa Scardino
General Manager Governance and Legal, Group Company Secretary

Meet the EchoRealty Team

Natasha McDonald
Senior Property Manager
Stacy Haughton
Team Leader
Joel Flowers
Team Leader
Charlie Souma
Senior Manager
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