Renting Information

Applying for a property

Once you’ve found a property you would like to apply for, you will need to view it to make sure you are comfortable with the property conditions, price and location. The agent showing you the property will let you know how to apply  to make this process as seamless as possible. Once your application is submitted and an assessment is complete by our agents, your application will be submitted to the landlord for final consideration. If your application is successful, the lease agreement you sign will be a legally binding document and subject to fees if you decide to terminate this agreement early.

What happens when I am approved?

One of our friendly Property Managers will contact applicants once their application is approved. This will include making a formal offer and if the applicant accepts the offer, a lease commencement date will be agreed upon. 

What is a rental bond?

A rental bond will need to be paid upon signing your tenancy agreement.  This will be held by the ACT revenue office and is equal to 4 weeks’ rent. The bond is held as security for any potential repairs, cleaning or rent owing at the time you vacate the property.

Residential Tenancy Agreement

A Residential Tenancy Agreement will be prepared and presented to you by your new property manager. The agreement will include important details including tenant names, weekly rent amounts, lease terms and pet approvals (if applicable). This agreement will also outline each party's legal obligations and it is important to read and understand this document prior to signing. If you have any questions, your Property Manager will be able to guide you through it, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Property Condition Report

A Property Condition Report will accompany the Residential Tenancy Agreement and will document the property condition at the time your tenancy commences. You will receive copies from your Property Manager which you will need to return within 14  days of your tenancy commencing. It is important you take the time to complete and return this report as this document is relied upon at the time you vacate, and the property must be returned in the same condition it was received. If any damage or maintenance issues occur to the property during your tenancy, it is important that you notify your Property Manager right away and they can work through this with you.

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